Rating a Muhammad Ali Autograph

The rating of an autograph varies from 1 to 10. The same holds true for the quality of a "Cassius Clay" autograph from the 1950s to 1960s; and the same holds true for a "Muhammad Ali" autograph from 1964 to his current autograph. All of these factors must be considered before you make your purchase. Included in our Authentication Service, and displayed in your Letter of Authenticity, your Muhammad Ali autograph will receive a “grade” from 1 to 10. This extra service is offered at no additional charge and will increase the value of your investment.

Boxing Glove  

The rating, grade, quality, and value of this glove would be very low. Why? Because of the size of the autograph, the fading toward the end of the signature, and the bleeding into the vinyl glove, which has always been a problem since it’s not a leather boxing glove.

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