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Authenticity is only as good as the knowledge, expertise and integrity behind it. Steve Jackson has been exposed to more versions of Muhammad Ali autographs, and those of his opponents, than any other individual in the hobby to date.

Muhammad Ali Steve Jackson

The depth of his knowledge extends from the late 1950s to the present. From visiting Muhammad Ali's Deer Lake Training Camp in the early 1970s to private signings from the late 1980s to today, Steve has experienced and witnessed, at different times of the day, Muhammad Ali's signing habits.

Ali Signing

With his extensive database of exemplars and original signatures over a 50 year period, he has become extremely familiar with the history of Ali’s autographs, from the Cassius Clay years (late 1950s to mid-1960s) through the name change to Muhammad Ali (after 1964), and into the later years during Muhammad Ali's on-going battle with Parkinson's Disease.

Steve took a simple hobby and turned it into a highly successful business. As a collector-turned-dealer, Steve has accumulated the largest Muhammad Ali Collection in the world.

Clay vs. Logan


As a result, he has been hired by auction houses and potential buyers. Steve's authenticating expertise was put to work when he was hired by Harlen Werner, founder of Online Authentics and Muhammad Ali's personal agent. Steve used his talents to assist in authenticating Muhammad Ali's memorabilia for Harlen's Muhammad Ali auction, and he was one of the selected writers for that particular auction catalog.

Upper Deck Card Box

In addition, the Upper Deck Company purchased directly
from Steve the equipment that was used for their exclusive
Upper Deck Muhammad Ali Master Collection set of
fight-used trading cards.


Over the years, Steve has also authenticated items for private
collectors and has been hired by several auction houses to
authenticate Ali memorabilia and provide written descriptions of
those items for their auction catalogs.

Muhammad Ali WBC Belt Photo


Thrilla in Manila

Steve has also had a considerable amount of TV exposure, as well. He provided the memorabilia that both HBO and CNBC used to produce TV specials about Ali. Additionally, Bill Evans of the Channel 7 morning news program ran a feature about Steve and his collection just a few years ago.


During his 30+ years
in the business, Steve
has established a reputation
for providing a professional
and expert opinion and has
proven to be one of the most
knowledgeable and skilled
authenticators of Muhammad Ali
memorabilia in the world.

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Muhammad Ali Slaveship Poster

Now he is extending his service to serious collectors,
potential buyers, Ali enthusiasts and even the internet.

Training Gloves

It is not surprising that a letter of authenticity from Steve Jackson Authentications is regarded worldwide as the most coveted assurance of authenticity for Muhammad Ali autographs and memorabilia.



"I have been studying Muhammad Ali memorabilia, autographs and fight worn/training equipment for over thirty years and I can tell you if the trunks were worn in a specific fight, if the training gloves were used at Deer Lake, if the robe went into the ring and if the shoe really fits."

Steve Jackson with Muhammad Ali Memorabilia
Muhammad Ali's Hands

"The rating of an autograph varies from 1 to 10. The same holds true for the quality of a "Cassius Clay" autograph from the 1950s to 1960s; and the same holds true for a "Muhammad Ali" autograph from 1964 to his current autograph. All of these factors must be considered before you make your purchase."