Steve Jackson, President of Steve Jackson Authentications (SJA), will personally examine all items that are sent to him for authenticity confirmation. In an effort to stop counterfeiters, and to give piece of mind to collectors, Steve Jackson Authentications (SJA) will do the following:


Muhammad Ali Memorabilia Authentication Process

Ink and medium will be analyzed.

Every autograph and/or piece of equipment will be digitally scanned in a high resolution and will then be enlarged for analyzing along side original Cassius Clay/ Muhammad Ali signatures from our extensive database of Clay/Ali signature exemplars.

For our photo matching process, we use our extensive database which represents a 50 year period from the late 1950s to mid-1960s, through the name change to Muhammad Ali (after 1964), and into the later years during Ali's on-going battle with Parkinson's Disease.

Muhammad Ali Memorabilia Authentication Process

Photo Matching for Fight-Worn or Training Equipment

Muhammad Ali Memorabilia Authentication by Steve Jackson

A comparison will be done of materials being used (i.e. paper, fabric, Everlast label, equipment etc.).

The article that the autograph is on will be analyzed (i.e. 1963 vintage Cassius Clay signature on a brand new piece of paper or a new glove, or a 1990s Muhammad Ali autograph on a new style pair of Everlast trunks obviously would not be authentic).

Round 2 - Certification

A letter describing your item and why it is or is not authentic will be provided.

Letters of authenticity with a scan of your authentic item and/or autograph will be provided.

A tamper-resistant SJA Prismatic Holo Foil registered label with a registered number assigned by Steve Jackson will be affixed to your item.

Your SJA Prismatic Holo Foil registered number will be registered with Steve Jackson Authentications.

Round 3 - Your Authentication Remains on file for life

A scan of all authentic autographs or equipment will be kept on file at Steve Jackson Authentications.

Your personal file will include:

A scan of the autographed or equipment item(s), the manufacturer, the location of the autograph, the date the item was authenticated by SJA, and SJA Prismatic Holo Foil registered label number.

Your name as the owner of the item.

SJA's notes on the item.

Round 4

Autographs or item(s) that do not meet our requirements and, in our opinion, are not authentic Ali autographs, will receive a "technical knock-out."

A letter will be sent with details explaining our findings and why we believe your autograph or item is not authentic.

On the rare occasions that SJA is unable to provide an opinion on the authenticity of an autograph, your money will be refunded.

Quick View

Quick View authentication is available for $25.00 per autograph (ie: eBay, internet, email attachment, websites).

If you are thinking about purchasing your own Ali memorabilia from an auction house, or on eBay, from an internet or website, or from a photo on an email attachment, we strongly recommend that you utilize SJA's "Quick View" authentication service.

Steve Jackson will examine the item you are considering before you begin the bidding or purchasing process, and provide a verbal evaluation (by phone). Please allow 24 hours for the "Quick View" process to be completed. There is a $25.00 fee per autograph, and it must be paid with a credit card. If it's determined by the Quick View process that your item is authentic, and you choose to purchase a Letter of Authenticity, the $25.00 Quick View fee will be waived.

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